Everest Base Camp Weather


Everest Base Camp Weather

Everest Base Camp Trek offers its own beauty, magical moments that live forever in the hearts and minds of those brave enough to hike. The weather is one of the most unpredictable factors of the Everest region.

If you’re not well prepared for the twists, turns and uncertainty of the conditions that can occur in this breathtaking area, you can find yourself in an unpleasant and difficult situation. Here are some weather basics to ensure that you come in the Himalayas well-equipped and ready to face whatever awaits you.

Generally, the nights are much colder than the daytime in the Everest region. Many first-time hikers are surprised to discover about the incredible range that could occur on a given day. During the day, the thermometer could reach temperatures as high as 25°C, only to dip down as low as -20°C in less than 24 hours.

While there is no way to predict what each day in the Himalayas will bring, the weather and temperature ranges tend to be somewhat predictable based on the month and seasons.

Everest Base Camp Weather in January

In January, winter is in full swing. The skies are blue, and the views of the landscape and the mountain ranges are awe inspiring.

The temperatures at Everest Base Camp during January are cold. They range between maximum 5°C during the day and minimum -15°C at night. Temperatures in the nights and early in the mornings get below freezing.

Everest Base Camp Weather in February

February is the end of the month of winter in Nepal. During this time of the year, temperatures is warm at Everest Base Camp region.

During this month, temperatures range from maximum 6°C in the daytime to -12°C in the night. The temperature can drop below zero degrees at night. The lower elevations are moderate and more humid. Thus, during the hiking time, you can walk comfortably on the trail at mild temperatures.

At the end of this month, the days are sunny and bright. So, the visibility is pretty good. There will be a high chance of a jaw-dropping view of the snow-capped mountains.

Everest Base Camp Weather in March

March is the beginning month of the spring season. The days are short at the beginning of this month and the temperature starts to warm up.

At the end of this month, the lakes are starting to melt. Lodges closed during the winter season are open. As locals begin to get back to their places and prepare for the peak season.

While the weather is better than January and February, there are still chances of occasional snowfall. Generally, at this time of year, the temperature is moderate. The temperature ranges from maximum 8°C in the daytime to minimum -10°C in the nights and mornings.

Everest Base Camp Weather in April

April is one of the best times to do the Everest Base Camp trek more conveniently. During this time of year, especially at lower hills, the landscape looks more stunning with blooming rhododendrons and other wildflowers.

This month, you can get a clear view of the majestic, Mt. Everest. The temperature is moderate with maximum 12°C during the day and minimum -4°C in the night.

Everest Base Camp Weather in May

May is the end of spring. Days are long, warm and sunny. During this month, the temperature ranges from maximum 16 °C during day to minimum 0°C in the night.

Also, May is a climbing month, so you’ll get a chance to meet the climbers on the summit of the Everest.

Everest Base Camp Trek
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Everest Base Camp Weather in June

The weather in June marks the start of the rainy season, but actually the rainy season starts in mid-June. Sometimes doesn’t rain until mid-July. So, actually, you can’t predict the weather in Nepal.

During this month, the temperature starts to rise to a maximum of 16°C in the daytime and -1°C in the night. With a dramatic decline in visitors, this month makes quieter and more peaceful trek.

Everest Base Camp Weather in July

July is another monsoon month and it’s starting to get hotter than in June. The weather is hot and humid this month.

The flow of tourists continues to decline, and if you prefer less crowds, this is your month. And the views of the mountains are extraordinary. The temperatures at Everest Base Camp in July range from maximum 16°C during the day to 2°C at night.

Everest Base Camp Weather in August

August is the end of the month of monsoon season. But it’s also the wettest time in the Everest Base Camp.

During this month, the mountains views are obscured by fog and mist. The temperatures continue to rise up to maximum 16°C in the daytime. At night, the minimum temperature drops to about 2°C in the Everest Base Camp area.

Everest Base Camp Weather in September

September is the beginning of the fall season. At the end of the monsoon season, temperatures also begin to decrease in the Everest Base Camp region.

There is a little chance of rainfall at the beginning of this month. The days are warm, with a maximum temperature of 16°C. Whereas in the morning and night, the temperature might drop to around 2°C. By the end of the month, with the end of the monsoon, there’ll be no clouds to block the mountain views.

Everest Base Camp Weather in October

October is the best of three months in autumn season. There is no rainfall during this month. So, there will be no clouds and no fog. So, the visibility of this month is awesome!

Trekking at Everest Base Camp during this month is ideal due to the stable weather conditions. The temperature is neither too cold at low altitudes nor too hot at high altitudes.

The temperature ranges from max 12°C during the day to min -5°C at night. Please take note: almost all tourist attractions, including the Everest Base Camp, are overcrowded in October. Flight schedules are busy and the prices go up for some services. If you plan to go to Everest region trek this month, be prepared for larger crowds than usual.

Everest Base Camp Weather in November

November is the end month of the fall season. The days are sunny and bright during this month. This month, you can still enjoy the scenic views of the Everest Base Camp.

During this time, temperatures range from maximum 6°C in the daytime to minimum -10°C in the night. At the end of November, the temperature begins to decrease.

It will be a little cold, especially at night. So, you need to be well-prepared for proper trekking gear. The sleeping bag is the most essential trekking accessory during this month.

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Namche Bazaar – The gateway to the Everest region

Everest Base Camp Weather in December

December is the beginning of the winter season. The temperatures drops below freezing point this month, especially at night in the Everest Base Camp area.

The temperature in the Everest Base Camp area in December ranges from 4°C during the day to -14°C in the night. The temperatures in December are not as clod as in January, but there is not much difference.

Rainfall is still low, but not as low as it was in November, and you may find snow anywhere along the Everest Base Camp (EBC) route, not only at higher altitudes. You’re likely to enjoy some beautifully crisp and clear views of the mountains in December.

Final Say

Everest Base Camp Weather is completely unpredictable, but it simply adds to the region’s fascination.

There is probably no “off-season” for Everest Base Camp Trek. It can be said that the best time to visit Everest Base Camp trek is any time.

With proper trekking gear and enough preparation for the Everest Base Camp trek, this is doable all year round. But you have to be physically fit and mentally prepared for this trip.

It would be impossible not to enjoy yourself, whatever the weather and climate, in one of the wonders of the World- Everest Base Camp!

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