12 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek
  • Duration
    12 Days
  • Max. Altitude
    5106 meters
  • Trip Grade
  • Activity
    Trekking, Tours, Exploration
  • Group Size
    1-7 PAX People Max

12 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek

Highlights Of 12 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Stunning views of mountain peaks like Manaslu, Annapurna, Siringi Himal, Lamjung Himal, Ganesh Himal, Dhaulagiri, and many more.
  • Exploring the culture and tradition of the local remote villages of the Manaslu region.
  • Visiting Birendra Kunda.
  • Exploring monasteries around the region and getting insights into Buddhism.
  • Cross-cultural activities with people from Sherpa, Tamang, and Gurung backgrounds.
  • Reach Larke La Pass at 5106 meters.
  • Pass through Budi Gandaki Gorge.
  • Explore the wilderness of Manaslu Conservation Area, rich in flora, fauna, and wildlife.

If you are an adventure lover, then the Manaslu Circuit Trek 12 Days Package is undoubtedly for you. This journey is designed to take you through the remote villages of the Manaslu region and up to the Larke La Pass at 5106 meters above sea level. You will make your way to the settlements of Machha Khola, Samagaon, Deng, and others, rich in traditional culture and lifestyle. Hindu and Buddhist significance are rich in this area.

Whether or not you are a beginner or an expert trekker, the Manaslu Circuit trek never misses to amaze you through its beautiful scenery of Mount Manaslu and subsidiary peaks like Lamjung Himal, Ganesh Himal, and Annapurna range. Similarly, the Budi Gandaki Gorge, Larke La Pass, and the Sherpa hospitality will blow your mind and calls you to this region for the next time.

Here are some facts and things you should know before planning the Manaslu Circuit Trek. It will be helpful and a comprehensive guide for your next trek to this region.

Five Reasons to Trek the Manaslu Circuit

manaslu circuit trek accommodation

Embarking on Manaslu Circuit Trek does not need any explanation since the destination has named itself a sanctuary of the natural richness aligned with the rich culture and remote traditions. Here are five reasons why you should go on the Manaslu Circuit Trek:

Breathtaking Himalayan And Natural Scenery

The Manaslu Circuit Trek 12 Days package is undoubtedly great for experiencing the best natural richness in Nepal. It is home to several stunning mountains like Mount Manaslu, Annapurna II, Sringri Himal, Ganesh Himal, Lamjung Himal, Dhaulagiri, and Machhapuchhre.

Besides the Himalayan beauty, you can also cherish the scenery of other attractions such as Budhi Gandaki River Gorge, Larke La Phedi, Birendra Lake, and Buddhist monasteries.

Remote Villages and Cultural Diversity

As you take on the beautiful journey to the Manaslu Circuit, you will be hiking through some of the various villages and settlements. Some of them are Deng, Samagaun, Ghap, Samdo, Jagat, Bhimtang, and Dharapani.

Not only will you have the remote experience, but you will cherish the diverse culture and lifestyle of the settlements during the journey. Gurungs, Tibetans, and Tamangs mainly inhabit the Manaslu region, so that you can delve deeper into their culture and traditions.

Similarly, you can get insights into Buddhism and its significance in the region while you visit the monasteries.

Adventurous High Mountain Passes

The Manaslu Circuit Trek 12 Days package revolves around some of the adventurous and challenging landscapes, terrains, and gorges. Traversing through these landmarks will be thrilling and fun.

The Larkya La Pass, located at a high altitude of 5106 meters, will surely take your breath away. The journey might be challenging, but you can make the most of this trip with proper and adequate preparations.

Conservation Area and Wildlife

Manaslu Circuit sits within the region of The Manaslu Conservation Area, a protected land for conserving wildlife, flora, and fauna. During your trek, you can have a rare chance to spot some of the endangered animals like Snow Leopard and Red Panda. Similarly, the diverse range of flora and fauna are some of the alluring features of this area.

Off the Beaten Path

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a less traveled trekking route, unlike Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit or Annapurna Base Camp Trek. This allows for a more authentic and unique trekking experience away from the crowds.

The landscapes of this region are very adventurous and can be the perfect destination for those who are looking for daring adventures and thrills.

Best Time to do Manaslu Circuit Trek 12 Days

12 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek Culture

The time of year must be prioritized while you plan to take on the Manaslu Circuit Trek 12 Days package. Since the weather conditions changes according to the seasons in Nepal, your trekking experience is also highly dependent on this factor. Here is the best time to trek the Manaslu Circuit based on the seasons in Nepal.

Autumn Season (September-November)

Autumn Season is considered the best season to embark on the Manaslu Circuit Trek. As you might have noticed, the weather is dry and stable, with fewer clouds in the sky, allowing you to have clear and transparent views of the surroundings.

Similarly, you will experience the moderate temperature during the Autumn season, which makes it most favorable to go for the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Spring Season (March-May)

Spring Season is among the best times to go on the Manaslu Circuit Trek. The most beautiful part of this season is that the flowers are in full bloom, allowing you to have the colorful scenery of the forests and surroundings.

Likewise, the weather is clear and stable, like the Autumn season. In addition, the clouds are less in the sky with mild temperatures and less wind, rain, and air precipitation.

Off-Season Treks (Monsoon and Winter Season)

Monsoon Season (June-August): Monsoon season is a rainy season that brings heavy rainfall and flood regularly. This impacts adversely on your trip as it can make the routes and the landscapes slipper and unable to access.

It is not a recommended time to go on the 12 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek, but if you are well-prepared for the weather conditions, you can opt for this journey. But remember to have a professional guide who can instruct you throughout the trip and make your journey successful and enjoyable.

Winter Season (December-February): During the winter season, the temperature goes below 0 Degrees Celsius, which can be a potential reason for altitude sickness. And since the Manaslu region lies 4000 meters above sea level, you might get in trouble with heavy snowfall and avalanches.

Like the Monsoon season, the winter season is also not suggested for trekkers; however, you can still embark on the trek with proper plan and preparations. You should be mindful of the harsh temperatures and pack weather-friendly gear and equipment.

Preparing and Packing for the Trek

Manaslu tsum valley trek

Whether a beginner or an expert in mountain trekking, you must adequately prepare and plan for the Manaslu Circuit Trek 12 days package. It comprised all the components, from your physical and mental abilities to the gears for the hike. Here are some of the things where you should focus more before planning:

Physical Abilities

The 12 Days Manaslu Circuit trek is a moderately challenging hike in Nepal. This means that your physical fitness matters a lot during the trip. Since this is a 12 days long journey and comprises more than 6 to 7 hours of walking regularly, you must have a solid physical build. Your stamina, endurance, and strength are what you should focus on before planning. Similarly, it is a high-altitude trek, so train your lungs and expose yourself to the high-altitude destinations before targeting the Manaslu Circuit as your next destination.

Mental Requirements

The Manaslu Circuit Trek 12 Days is a multi-day hike that requires solid physical fitness. While you walk for long hours every day, you will be exhausted physically and mentally. This is when you should focus on the positive side of the trek. Do not let your mind mess up the plans and dreams you have set up.

Be encouraged with the advice and instructions of your guides, and take enough rest and acclimatize. This will help you retain energy and gain positivity during the journey.

Essential Gear for the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Having gears and equipment will help you complete the 12 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek successfully. Here’s the list of kits for the trek you might need:

Hiking Boots: You should have a pair of sturdy hiking boots to keep a grip on the sloppy and rocky terrains around the Manaslu region.

Trekking Poles: To help you walk conveniently through the rocky and rugged routes, trekking poles can play a vital role. Trekking poles provide stability while walking through sloppy terrains.

Warm Clothing: As you all know, the Manaslu region is located in the Himalayan area of Nepal, so cold temperature is not strange. You should pack warm clothes such as inner and outer thermals, fleece, sleeping bags, and windproof/waterproof jackets to beat the cold.

Headlamp: You might need it while hiking in the early morning and late evening when it is dark.

First Aid Kit: Pack essential medications and supplies like band-aids, pain relievers, and other tablets. Also, pack insect repellents while hiking around the forested areas.

Sunscreen and Sunglasses: To get rid of sunburns and UV rays during the day walk, you should don sunglasses and sunscreen. Likewise, you can also pack hats or caps to protect your skin from sunburn.

Water Bottles and Water Purification Tablets: Since hiking for hours daily, you must drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy. So the water bottles and purification will come to use here.

Backpack: A comfortable backpack with at least 50 liters is necessary to carry all the gear and supplies required for the trek.

Budgeting for the Trek

Budgeting for the Manaslu Circuit Trek.jpg

First, you should be determined on what type of trek you want to go on. If you are looking for a budget trek around the Manaslu Circuit Trek, we will help you customize your itinerary based on your preference. Similarly, we can plan accordingly if you embark on the luxury trek.

On average, this trek 14 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek package costs anywhere between $1300 to $1500 per person. It includes the services of your domestic transport, stay at a hotel in Kathmandu and tea houses during the trek, and your food and logistic fees.

The most important thing to know about budgeting for the trek is that the cost can vary on the time of year, group size, and the agency you choose. If you travel during the peak season, the accommodation, transportation, and food fees will likely get higher. Similarly, if you are traveling with a large group, you can score perfect deals and discounts from the trekking agency.

What Permits are Required and How Much Do They Cost?

What Permits are Required and How Much Do They Cost?

You have to obtain three permits to get through the Manaslu region: Special Restricted Area Permit for Manaslu (Manaslu RAP), Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP), and ACAP (Annapurna conservation area permit). The prices of both entry licenses differ at different times of the year. The Manaslu RAP costs USD 100 per person for the first seven days if you travel from September to November. Then after that, you should pay USD 15 per day.

Similarly, from December to August, the price range slightly declined. The Manaslu RAP has a fee of USD 75 per person for the first seven days and USD 10 per person afterward.

Likewise, to MCAP and ACAP, you should pay NRs. 3000 (around USD 25) per person. MCAP Entry Fee for SAARC nationals is NRs.1000 (around USD 8)per person, while the Nepalese trekkers only have to pay NRs. 100 ( USD 80 cents) per person.

If you choose to book our package, all permit costs are included in our service.

Accommodation Options for the 12 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek

Accommodation Options for the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Before you start your Manaslu Circuit Trek, you should be well-prepared for everything necessary. Accommodation options are certainly one of the crucial parts where you should brainstorm. Whether you like to go for a budget or a luxury trek, you should be fixed on your preference and plan your accommodation services accordingly.

During the Manaslu Circuit trek 12 days package, you usually stay at hotels and tea houses. While you remain in Kathmandu, your accommodation facilities will include a stay in Hotel with an attached bathroom and hot showers. Similarly, in rare cases, after you start your trek, you will stay at tea houses with basic amenities like shared bedrooms, food, electricity, and internet services.

Besides that, you can also set up a camp and stay with your colleagues. However, it may cost you more time and effort. You must carry the essentials like tents, gas canisters, food, and water. In addition, safety is compromised in this type of accommodation. So we recommend staying at a tea house, safer than camps.



Arrive in Kathmandu (1400m)

On the first day of your Manaslu Circuit Trek 12 Days package, you will arrive from your home country in Kathmandu. Our agent will wait for you to welcome you at Tribhuvan International Airport, from where you will be escorted to the respective hotels. You will stay at a hotel with the amenities like spacious bedrooms, an attached bathroom, a hot shower, and 24/7 electricity and internet services.

Similarly, you will attend a meet-and-greet program with our professional guides and porters, who will be helping you during the journey.

  • Accommodation
  • Meal
  • Max. Altitude
    1400 Meters
  • Time

Drive to Machha Khola (900m)

After breakfast, we drive to Machha Khola, the start point of our journey. It is about 3 hour’s comfortable journey from Kathmandu to Dhading-besi on a concrete paved road. So after this, it’s a bumpy and winding off road to Machha Khola, which takes about 6 hours depending on traffic and road conditions.

The total drive for the day will be approx. 8 to 9 hours. The road from Soti Khola to Machha Khola is new and unpaved. We will send you a private 4WD vehicle with an experienced driver. Overnight at guesthouse.

  • Accommodation
    Guest House
  • Meal
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max. Altitude
    890 Meters
  • Time
    8 - 9 hours

Trek to Jagat (1350m)

You will begin your journey early in the morning after having breakfast at Machha Khola and then head towards the Budi Gandaki River. You have to walk alongside the banks of the Budi Gandaki River, followed by the dense forest. You will first reach Khorlabeshi, a traditional Gurung Village.

After a short hike from Khorlabeshi, you will reach Tatopani ‘hot water,’ a famous place to shower and rest. From there, you will cross a wooden suspension bridge over the Budi Gandaki River and then get to Doban village. The next hike is around 3 hours long from Doban through the Gurung settlement, and after crossing a cantilever bridge again, you will finally reach Jagat at 1350 meters above sea level.

  • Accommodation
    Tea House
  • Meal
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max. Altitude
    1350 Meters
  • Time
    6 hours Trek

Trek to Deng (1860m)

From Jagat, you will trek to the village of Phillim, a beautiful Gurung settlement. Your journey starts from Jagat, and as you hike through the route, you will reach Ekle Bhatti. From there, you have to continue your hike through the narrow Budi Gandaki Gorge and walk across the bamboo forest before reaching Deng.

It takes around seven and a half hours to reach Deng from Jagat – you will stay overnight at a teahouse.

  • Accommodation
    Tea House
  • Meal
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max. Altitude
    1860 Meters
  • Time
    7.5 hours Trek

Trek to Namrung (2660m)

On the fifth day of your Manaslu Circuit Trek 12 Days package, you will start your journey from Deng and reach Namrung at 2660 meters above sea level. As you begin walking uphill, you will get Bihi Phedi and Bihi first, and from there, you will hike through the rugged path to Rana Bridge.

You can experience a beautiful hike across the Buddhist region rich in mani walls, prayer flags, and chortens. After a few hours of trek, you will reach Ghap. From Ghap, you have to pass across the dense forest of Rhododendron, fir, and oak trees. On the way, you also will find suspension bridges and stairs before reaching Namrung.

  • Accommodation
    Tea House
  • Meal
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max. Altitude
    2660 Meters
  • Time
    6 hours Trek

Trek to Samagaun (3525m)

On the sixth day of the trek, your destination will be Samagaun, 3525 meters above sea level. You will take an uphill climb from Namrung and reach Lihi village. From there, it takes around a couple of hours to get to Lho, a Buddhist settlement rich in Tibetan culture and tradition.

From Lho, you must walk for around 4 hours to get to Samagaun. Your trek takes you through the forest before reaching Shyala village. You will cross a river from the Punggen Glacier and eventually come to Samagaun. It is the nearest spot to Manaslu Base Camp, so during the peak seasons, this place is wildly crowded, and accommodation services take a lot of work to get. You will stay at a tea house overnight.

  • Accommodation
    Tea House
  • Meal
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max. Altitude
    3525 Meters
  • Time
    7 hours Trek

Acclimatization day trip

By the time of the seventh day, you will already be reaching 3525 meters above sea level, and you will be physically drained. So you will take a full day’s rest and acclimatize on this day. Focus on staying hydrated and eating healthy and nutritious food to retain your energy and stamina for the remaining hikes in the Manaslu Circuit.

  • Accommodation
    Tea House
  • Meal
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max. Altitude
    3525 Meters
  • Time

Trek to Samdo (3860m)

On the eighth day of your journey, you will wake up early in the morning and start your hike after having a breakfast at Samagaun. The motive is to reach Samdo at 3860 meters above sea level.

It takes around 4 to 5 hours to reach Samdo from Samagaun. You will first head to the valley through the forest of Rhododendron and fir and reach the Budhi Gandaki River. After crossing the wooden suspension bridge over the river and hiking uphill for a few hours, you can reach Samdo village. It is one of the perfect viewpoints from where you can have the scenery of mystic mountain peaks like Manaslu, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and more.

  • Accommodation
    Tea House
  • Meal
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max. Altitude
    3860 Meters
  • Time
    4 hours Trek

Trek to Larke La Phedi (4460m)

From Samdo, your next destination will be Larke La Phedi, 4460 meters above sea level. You should be cautious about altitude sickness in this region as the altitude and the weather condition can play a vital role in giving you the symptoms of the illness.

First, you will reach Athahra Saya River and Larke River, and after crossing the suspension bridge, you will get to the settlement of Larkya La Phedi. You can have insights into Buddhist culture rich in mani walls, chortens, and prayer flags.

From there, you will reach Larke Glacier, which is magnificent to view as you hike through the rugged route. You will then trek through the Salkha Khola and reach the stone guest house at 4,450 meters. This place is called Dharmasala or Larke La Phedi, where you will stay overnight.

  • Accommodation
    Tea House
  • Meal
    breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max. Altitude
    4460 Meters
  • Time
    4 hours Trek

Trek to Bimthang (3610m) crossing Larke La (5106m)

Now it’s time to reach Bimthang via Larke La Pass. You will leave Larke La Phedi early in the morning after having breakfast. First, you will walk through a rugged terrain that leads you to a small lake, and after passing across the grassland, you will get to the four frozen lakes.

From there, you climb uphill to reach Larke La Pass at 5106 Meters. You can view Annapurna II, Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Kang Guru, and Dhaulagiri from this place. After that, you will follow the grassy path to a valley with many mani walls and prayer flags – the site is called Bimthang, where you will stay overnight at a tea house.

  • Accommodation
    Tea House
  • Meal
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max. Altitude
    3610 Meters
  • Time
    8 hours Trek

Trek to Ghowa or Dharapani (1920m)

On the eleventh day of your trip, you will head towards Ghowa or Dharapani from Bimthang. The trail starts descending to the Budhi Gandaki River and ends at Karche. From there, you must walk for a few hours to reach the village of Ghowa.

From Ghowa, you can take the next few hours of hike to reach Dharapani at 1920 meters. You will cross the pastures and grasslands and reach Tilje village. From there, you will walk through the settlements rich in Buddhist culture and then reach Thonje village near Dharapani. From there, Dharapani is just a few hours of hike.

  • Accommodation
    Tea House
  • Meal
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max. Altitude
    Dharapani Altitude: 1,860 Meters
  • Time
    7 Hours Trek

Drive to Kathmandu via Besisahar

On the twelfth day, you will ride to Kathmandu from Dharapani. You can hire a private Jeep or travel on a public bus to Besisahar first. From Besisahar, you will have to ride for another 6 to 7 hours to reach the capital city of Nepal.

After you arrive in Kathmandu, you will be escorted to your hotel. You can rest and explore Kathmandu city and its lifestyle in the evening. The nightlife of Thamel, Boudha, and Pashupatinath Temple is exciting, so if you are eager to visit these places, we are more than happy to help you.

  • Accommodation
  • Meal
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max. Altitude
    1,400 Meters
  • Time
    9 Hours Ride

Free day / Fly home

It’s time to say farewell to Nepal. Enjoy Spend your last moments in Kathmandu by having breakfast in a café, going for a city walk, and/or shopping for gifts.

A representative will meet you at your hotel and take you to the airport to catch your flight back home. It’s best to arrive at the airport at least 2,5 hours before your flight.

  • Meal
    Farewell Dinner

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Five Reasons to Trek the Manaslu Circuit

What to Expect

What's Included

  • Airport transfers pick-up and drop-off.
  • Manaslu Circuit Trek restricted area permit.
  • Manaslu Conservation area permit
  • Annapurna National park entry permit
  • Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS card)
  • Transportation from Kathmandu to Macha Khola by private jeep.
  • Transportation from Dharapani to Besi-sahar by jeep and to Kathmandu by car.
  • Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) during the trek.
  • Tea/Coffee three times a day.
  • All accommodations during the trek.
  • English speaking Sherpa trek guide.
  • Staff insurance and necessary ground transport for support staffs.
  • Porter to carry your luggage during the trek (1 porter for 2 trekkers).
  • Magical Summits duffel bag.
  • Hiking pole for the trek, if needed.
  • Trek map.
  • Farewell dinner including a cultural show.

What's Excluded

  • International airfare and Nepal entry visa.
  • Tips for guide and porter (tipping is expected).
  • Travel insurance which covers emergency Rescue and Evacuation.
  • Any others expenses which are not mentioned on the ‘Included’ section.


How long does the Manaslu Trek take?

We have customized our Manaslu Circuit Trek package of 12 days. During this journey, you will start the trek from Kathmandu and cover major destinations like Machha Khola, Deng, Namrung, Samagaon, Larkya La Phedi, Bimthang, Dharapani, and Besi Sahar.

What is the best time to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

What is the difficulty level of the Manaslu Trek?

What is the altitude of the highest point on the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

What are permits required for the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Do I need TIMS card for Manaslu Trek?

Do I need a guide or porter for the Manaslu Trek?

What kind of accommodation is available on the trek?

What kind of food is available on the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Is it safe to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

What equipment do I need for the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Is there mobile phone coverage on the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Can I do the Manaslu Circuit Trek solo?

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