Kathmandu Food Tour


  • Duration1 Day
  • Trip GradeEasy 
  • Arrival CityKathmandu
  • ActivityFood Tour, Sightseeing
  • Group Size8 People Maximum
  • Max Altitude1,400m

About Kathmandu Food Tour

Kathmandu food tour is a great for anyone interested in trying local favorite dishes and some more adventurous foods that can only be found in Nepal. This tour is not only a perfect way to discover  the food scene in Nepal, but also to learn about Kathmandu and the history of Nepal.

All our guides leading the food tour are interesting and fun, knowledgeable and young locals who know Kathmandu like the back of their hand and grew up eating at the same food stalls as included in the tour.

The Kathmandu food tour is hours long with flexible start times from 9 AM to 7 PM. This our participants have then the opportunity to taste amazingly flavorful foods in Kathmandu’s off-the-beaten-track side-alleys and streets. Finding vegan food in Kathmandu is also no problem!

If you are planning to discover Kathmandu away from its tourist corners and want to see exactly what and where the locals actually hang out and eat—this tour is just for you!

In fact, it's the most interesting and fun way to experience Kathmandu just like a local.


  • The Kathmandu food tour will take you to the 3 to 4 most popular stalls populated only by the locals!
  • The 5 epic dishes you get to try on the tour while also passing by a number of local temples located within the alleys.


  1. Day 1Food Tour & Sightseeing

    Your English-speaking tour guide will meet and greet you at the hotel or your specific place. You will then receive safety instructions on how to ride a bike or a scooter properly to ensure the safest experience.

    You will go with the flow in the busiest of Kathmandu the way we, the local, do: all from the back of the bike. We ride through the beautiful back alleys and the busy streets, which is undoubtedly more awesome of an experience than looking through pictures in your handbook!

    After 10-15 minutes, you will be at our first street vendors for a real local food, where there is no tourist at all. It's not always about eating, but we're also talking, sharing, and showing you the background of those interesting dishes. And of course, how to eat in a right Nepalese way. So, you will have your chance to sample not only the Momo but also Sekuwa (traditional Street BBQ in Nepalese style) Chow-mein, sound good right?

    At this point, you are literally quite full, don't worry, our guide takes you around Kathmandu and discover one of Nepal’s most vibrant places. We will sit down to taste coffee in the hidden coffee shop. It is so good and that is why it has its place in everyone's bucket list when coming to Kathmandu.

    Are you full now?, cause we still got our last stop for the dessert. Let's try some Nepalese sweet desserts that will leave a great taste and impression about our cuisine.

    After closing the tour, we will drive you back to your hotel. Give you all the best wishes in your upcoming vacation.

    What's Included


    • Hotel pick-up and drop-off.
    • Tasting 5 different local dishes.
    • Price of tour includes all food and drinks during the tour.
    • An English speaking guide.
    • Private transfer.

    Not Included

    • Monuments entry fees.
    • Travel and medical insurance.
    • Tips and gratitude provided to staff.

    Our published dates are guaranteed departures. If the dates don't match with your travel plans, we are more than happy to create your desired date.

    Useful Information

    Choila: Choila is a famous Newari dish made from spicy grilled buffalo meat. Though the dish is traditionally popular buffalo meat, these days mutton, chicken, duck meat and mushroom are also being used. Generally, this dish is eaten with rice flakes, it is very spicy and hot.

    Momo: Momo is a popular food in Nepal. Momo are dumplings of a bite size filled with seasoned stuffing.The dish is normally steamed, although there are other varieties of the dish. Other varieties called KotheyMomo (fried) and C-Momo (served with a spicy hot soup) come from the dish, although it is said that the dish originated in Tibet.

    Sekuwa: Sekuwa is meat roasted in a natural wood fire in a traditional Nepalese country style. And while the meat is still raw, it is mixed with natural herbs and spices and other ingredients. Sekuwa can be made with beef, pork, goat, chicken or with a mixture. Sekuwa is very famous in Nepal.

    Bara: Bara is a kind of lentil bread and a typical Newari snacks that is similar to a black lentil pancake. Bara is one of Nepal's most popular street foods, the perfect start for a Kathmandu food tour.

    Alu Tama: AluTama is a very popular type of unique curry in a Nepalese dish. Alu means “Potato” and Tama means the “Bamboo Shoots”.

    It has a unique sour taste and is made with various ingredients. Adding of beans and buffalo meat gives the extra taste to it. Especially in the Newari community, this curry is very famous and you can taste the best Alu Tama in Newari restaurants.

    Thenthuk: Thenthuk known as Shyakpa in Sherpa language, is a traditional Himalayan Tibetan noodle soup enjoyed by Sherpa, Tamang, and Tibetan communities from upper regions of Nepal (The dish is very popular and you can find everywhere from street food to high-class restaurants).

    Sukuti: Sukuti (jerky) is a unique Nepalese dish made of dried meat such as beef (or buffalo) which is cut into thinly sliced and marinated in cumin, turmeric, black pepper, coriander, chili, ginger and garlic. It can be eaten as it is, but it can be charbroiled and spiced as well then served as a snack or appetizer.

    Chowmein: Chowmein is another food you will commonly find in Nepal. This fried noodle mixed with meat or veggies hit the menu of almost every restaurant that you visit Nepal. Noodle is one of Nepal's most popular snack foods and you will also love the fried noodle's taste, the Chowmein.

    Alu Saadeko: Alu Saadeko is a spicy potato salad typical Nepali style that can be served as an appetizer or a side dish for a meal. It is easy to make and perks up any meals.

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