Nar Phu Valley Trek Cost


Nar Phu Valley Trek Cost

The Nar Phu Valley trek in the Annapurna region is challenging but is a true Himalayan wander. This trek combines cultural highlights with unique Tibetan cultures, monasteries, and the 7000 meters peaks, yaks, and villages. And the Nar Phu Valley trek cost is way cheaper than you can imagine.

There is no fixed Nar Phu Valley trek cost, as the 10-day journey can cost anywhere between $1085-$1300 per person depending upon the season and itinerary. Likewise, this trek’s cost mainly depends on your chosen route, the travel agency, and their services. We are the local travel agency based in Kathmandu and if you choose to trek with us, it will cost you $1085 p/p for 10 days. If you decide to go on a trek with a foreign travel agency, the trip will cost you more than $2000 per person.

The budget of your trek depends on what kind of experience you want to have in the Nar Phu Valley trek. For a Luxury trekking with an additional service of the helicopter, expect the Nar Phu Valley trek cost to be around $3000-$4000 for a single person. Likewise, you can grab the best deal with Magical Summits for the budget-friendly package at just $1085 per person. It includes permits, accommodation, jeep/private vehicle rides, meals, porter services, etc. However, the price does not include your visa fee, travel insurance, tips for a guide/porter, and personal expenses.

The trek can be completed in 10 days or more per the trekker’s interest and itinerary. But, the total Nar phu valley trek cost is not fixed and can fluctuate based on the traveler’s requirements. So a direct conclusion regarding the cost of this remote trek in Annapurna can’t be drawn so fast. This article will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the Nar Phu Valley trek costs and helpful tips. Keep reading the article, get all the information, and allocate your budget accordingly.

Transport Costs to and From the Trailhead

Nar Phu Valley Trek Costs do include your transportation fees. As soon as you land at Tribhuvan International Airport, the first thing that every traveler must know is how to reach their hotel. If you choose Nar Phu valley trek with a reputable travel agency, they will manage all your transportation costs. But if you have not booked a package, you must take a local taxi or bus to your hotel.

Thamel is almost every backpack destination and where your hotel would probably be after arrival in Kathmandu. Therefore, a taxi from the airport to Thamel will cost you around 500 Rs to 700 Rs. If you want a cheaper option than a taxi, go for a public bus. A 20-minute drive to Thamel could easily add up upto 60 minutes by bus, but the price is very low, starting from NRP 20-30 (USD 0.2)

Your first destination for the Nar Phu Valley trek is Koto. There is no necessity to take a flight throughout this trek, so you can save a lot of money on Transportation here. Your Nar phu valley trek starts from Koto at Manang, but you must drive to Koto from Kathmandu to reach Koto.

To get to the Nar Phu Valley trailhead, travelers must first travel from Kathmandu to Besisahar and towards Hunde. Regarding Transportation from Kathmandu, travelers can take a local bus or a minibus from the Besisahar and Kathmandu trail. Therefore, If you want a comfortable experience, you can hire a private vehicle for around $200-$300.

The road connecting Besisahar and Kathmandu is called the Prithvi Highway and is about 175km away, with favorable road conditions. Kathmandu to Besisahar will be very smooth, but the route condition from Besisahar will be kind of an off-road experience because of all the mud and dust.

It normally takes around 10-11 driving hours to Reach Koto, but if you make only a few stops. Many travelers prefer to stay the night at Besisahar to avoid long driving hours.

Here are the cost of Transportation for the Nar Phu Valley Trek below:-

  • Kathmandu to the bus station in a taxi: USD 6- USD 8
  • Kathmandu to Besishar by a local bus: USD 10 USD 15 per person
  • Kathmandu to Besishar in a private Jeep: USD 120-150
  • Besishar to Koto by local sharing jeep: USD 30-50

After your trek competition on the 10th day, you will return to Kathmandu from Pisang in a 4-wheel vehicle. From Pisang to Kathmandu in a private vehicle, the cost is approximately $200-$300.

Therefore, allocate at least $200-$600 for transportation within your Nar Phu Valley Trek budget.

Permit and Entrance Fees for Nar Phu Valley Trek

Permit and Entrance Fees for Nar Phu Valley Trek

While allocating the Nar Phu Valley Trek Cost, it is essential to allocate fees for permits and licenses too. The valley, located north of the Manang region, requires a special permit to trek for foreign travelers as they cannot just hike like a resident. This remote untouched valley is one of the restricted areas of Neal and was opened for trekkers only in 2002.

Any traveler visiting Nar Phu Valley should first have two different trekking permits – A Restricted Area Permit and an ACAP permit.

Similarly, along with the trekking permits, you must be accompanied by a licensed guide and be in a group of two or more.

Getting a permit for the Nar Phu Valley trek is relatively easy. For this, you must submit your passport-sized photograph, copy of your passport, and original passport with the visa stamp. You can ask your Touring agency to get it or go to Nepal Tourism Board to get the required permits.

The permits and fees for the Nar Phu Valley trek are as follows:

Restricted Area Permit:

  • September to November: USD 100 per person/per week.
    USD 15 per person/day (after 1 week)
  • December – August: USD 75 per person/week
    USD 15 per person/day (After 1 week)
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit – NPR 3,000 per person

The above-mentioned expense is a must to get your permits, and there is no way to avoid it if you want to embark on the Nar Phu Valley trek. So, among the Nar Phu Valey trek cost, make sure to allocate the funds of at least $150-$200 for the permits.

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Accommodation and Food Cost In Nar Phu Valley Trek

Several trekking agencies offer accommodation and food services in the Nar Phu Valley Trek Cost package. However, it is essential to research deeply into the subject.

Basic accommodations will be fine as Nar Phu Valley boasts many teahouses. You will see a teahouse at every stop during your trekking. Whether in a group of 6 or 2, you can rent a shared twin room at just $5-$10 per person per night. However, the price might exceed $20 per night if you want a more private room option.

Remember that if you are trekking in the peak seasons, like in spring or Autumn, the prices may be higher, and you may have to share rooms too. Your accommodation, transport, and food preferences can affect your whole Nar Phu Valley trek’s cost. Combining everything, a single person can expect to pay around USD 50- 70 daily. But the estimated price can change according to your accommodation, food, transportation choices, and preferences.

If you want to stay the night in the Nar Phu Valley region in a more budget-friendly way, camping is the best option than tea houses here. Choosing camping will cut your expenses from daily 30-40 dollars to 20 dollars a day. But the difficult part about camping is that you must carry your tents and camping items like food, utensils, etc.

Another great budget-friendly accommodation option is Homestays. The best part about the homestay is that you spend the night here at lower prices than in lodges and tea houses. Likewise, you do not have to worry about expenses and can enjoy many Nepali cuisines like Dhindo, Dal Bhaat, etc. at very affordable price.

Throughout the trek, you will sleep at homestays or teahouses except at Nar Phedi, where you will spend the night in one of the tea houses. They are the best way to minimize your Nar Phu Valley Trek Cost.

Food is another factor that may add to your expense since Nar Phu Valley is one of the remote areas of Nepal. The food price will be higher in the upper region than in the lower one. Similarly, the menu choices are limited, so you may rely on typical dal baht and other Nepalese foods as you trek higher.

On average, lunch and dinner daily will cost you around NPR USD 6-10 in the lower regions and USD 10-12 in the upper region. Breakfasts are usually priced around USD 3-5 and $8-$12 in high-altitude places. If you want to eat more luxury cuisines, there will be plenty of options in the lower regions, which may cost you around $10 or more. So for the Nar Phu Valley trek cost, allocate at least $300-350 for food.

Guide and Porter Services Costs for Nar Phu Valley Trek

If you are a traveler wanting to embark on a solo expedition or trekking in Nepal, then you can’t Nepal’s new law has banned solo travel and has made a guide compulsory for any trekking or expedition. So you must book a guide, but booking a porter for the Nar Phu Valley trek depends on you. If you can carry all your stuff throughout the trek, you don’t need to hire a porter, but if you can not, then hiring porter services wil be a better idea here.

Booking a porter and guide service will always go right, especially for the Nar Phu Valley trek.

Hiring them will be very beneficial if you want to learn more about the Nar Phu region, culture, and tradition. Likewise, they can be your indispensable friend who can help you to carry your gear, navigate the path, make arrangements in teahouses, etc. To hire their services, you can expect to pay around $25-$35 per day, excluding tips.

Snacks, Drinking Water, and Extra Meals Costs

All the meals time through the Nar Phu Valley trek are flexible. You can trek for a few hours and then stop at one of the teahouses for your meals, or you can try to your last destination and eat there. You will be paying for all your meals for this trek, so the choice is up to you. But remember that the amount you’ll spend on meals depends on your chosen dining spot. If you dine in one of the tea houses in the Lower region, you can expect to pay $3-5 per dish.

But the price will be much higher as you continue your trek for similar types of meals. Remember to allocate a budget for your snacks along with the meals. For a budget-friendly option, it’s better to take your snacks with you because the costs of snacks in the Nar Phu region will be higher than in Kathmandu.

Flowing down from the Mountain, the water stream may appear fresh and clean but do not direct drink from these open water streams. Instead, carry a portable water filter or use purifying tablets or drops. If you prefer bootle water over those open streams, then the single mineral water bottle will cost you around $2-5 in the lower regions and above $5 in the upper areas.

Gear Cost Considerations for the Nar Phu Valley Trek

You might wonder what gear and clothes you must buy before your Nar Phu Valley trek. The first gear you must have is a good pair of Hiking boots since you will hike for 3-6 hours daily. Similarly, you will need a warm sleeping bag (a must if you are trekking in winter) and a tent (a must if you are camping). However, renting gear in Kathmandu instead of purchasing it can save a lot of money and reduce your Nar Phu valley trek cost too. Suppose you want to buy a high-quality sleeping bag. If you decide to purchase it, you may have to pay approx $100, but if you decide to rent, you may get the same quality sleeping bag at half the price.

You may also need other gear for your trek, like a warm hat, scarf, gloves, etc. You can buy all these from the price range of $5-$90 in Thamel. Likewise, remember to purchase other items like camera accessories, purification drops, and first aid kits too. And if you are trekking in the winter months then, a Warm jacket is a must which you can buy for around 20-50 dollars in Nepal.

Here are some other gears listed, along with the prices below.

  • Trekking pants– $10-50 dollars
  • Cap, gloves- $ 5-20 dollars
  • Down jackets– $ 50-150 dollars
  • Fleece pants– $10- 50 dollars
  • Microfiber towels: $2-10 dollars
  • High-Quality Backpack 30-40 liters – $50-100 dollars.

Nar Phu Valley is a relatively easy trek and requires no climbing ropes, a Goretex jacket, and an ice ax, which cuts your Nar Phu Valley Trek cost by half.


Luxury and facilities come with a price, and if you want to make your trek more comfortable, do not expect it to be cheap. This saying becomes valid if you trek in the Mountain and remote areas. You will be charged for everything extra, so here are some additional costs you must consider before planning your best.

Charging your electronics:- Just like how you spend on your electronics, you must also spend extra few bucks to charge them throughout your trek. Plenty of teahouses and shops charge your electronics, but you may have to pay a dollar or two for this service. If you want to avoid the charging costs, carrying a power bank or battery with you is best.

Hot Showers:- If you opt for a basic accommodation and lodging option, then the facility of the hot showers will not be included. Tea houses in the lower region may charge around $3-5 and $5-$10 for a hot shower facility in the upper region.


All in all, the Nar Phu Valley trek is an excellent way to see some of the best scenery in Nepal and the rare cultural tradition that it has to offer without spending a fortune. This trek is something that every trekker must do at least once in their life or maybe twice if they wish.

The Nar Phu Valley cost is generally higher but does not have to be with us at Magical Summits. We offer ten day Nar Phu Valley trek at a very affordable and budget-friendly price starting from $1085 Moreover, we can organize your tour and itinerary as per your interest, making your journey to the untouched valley of the Annapurna region hassle-free and more enjoyable.

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