Everest Base Camp Trek in December


Everest Base Camp Trek in December

December is the winter season, and it is a less popular month for trekking in Nepal. Nevertheless, it offers clear views of the Himalayas and adds a thrilling and adventurous journey.

During the Everest Base Camp Trek in December, you can enjoy views of Mount Everest and unique vegetation in complete solitude.

Due to the cold, only a few trekkers attempt this adventure. So, for true adventure seekers, the Everest Base Camp Trek in December will be a peaceful trek.

The temperature in Everest Base Camp falls below zero degrees Celsius in December. However, with the good preparation and planning trekking to Everest Base Camp is doable.

The amazing views of snow-covered mountains, frozen glaciers, lakes, rivers and icefalls are the benefits of trekking to Everest Base Camp in December.

Everest Base Camp Weather in December

During December, the weather at Everest Base Camp is very cold at night and early in the morning.

At night, the temperature drops to -14 degrees Celsius. During the day, the maximum temperature ranges from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. The daytime is reasonable.

In December, the average temperature in EBC will be around 6 degrees Celsius.

Also, it does not rain in December. But, it might snow at high altitudes. During December, the average rainfall is 3mm. That means the chances of clouds covering the mountains are fairly low.

Even though the mornings and nights are very cold, the weather is pleasant during the day. But don’t forget to bring proper winter gear and warm thermals for your grand journey to EBC.

Everest Base Camp Trek in December

What to Expect When Trekking to EBC during December

Superb Views

Despite the freezing temperatures, views of the magnificent Himalayas will not be compromised during December. The skies are crystal clear, with excellent visibility, offering breathtaking views of the Everest region. The awe-inspiring views of the snow-capped mountains are unforgettable.

Low Rainfall

Everest area experiences low rainfall during December. It means you have the least possibility of facing cloudy days. December is a dry month, you can walk in trails free of rain and bugs.

Pleasant Trails

The month of December is considered the off-season for trekking in the Everest region. The trail which gets extremely crowded in high season is quiet and peaceful in this month.

So, if you enjoy trekking in a relax environment, trekking to Everest Base Camp in December is ideal for you. You can also enjoy the complete wilderness of the surrounding area as well as encounter the incredible winter world.

Choice of Accommodations

During this time, the lodges will be less crowded. You don’t have to bargain for prices and comfortable beds. You can easily find accommodations and meals at cheap prices than in high seasons. You also don’t have to struggle for the hot showers.

Some Practical Tips for Trekking to Everest Base Camp in Winter

  • The trek to Everest Base Camp is rather challenging in December. So, always trek with a guide or in a group.
  • Due to the snow, the trails can be wet and slippery. Bring a good pair of trekking boots and warm clothing.
  • Always follow and listen to your guide for your safety. They are experienced who are familiar in all aspects of the journey.
  • Winter trekking requires more clothing and gears. As a result, hiring a porter to share the load is highly recommended. So, the luggage could be heavier, making it difficult to carry, especially in the winter.
  • Stay hydrated, because December is a cold month, you may miss out of drinking water. Bring a flask, you’ll be able to take warm water.
  • Take the necessary rest for acclimatization and go slowly. Do not hurry.
  • Keep a few extra days in case of flight delays due to weather or unforeseen reason.

General FAQs Everest Base Camp Trek in December

How hard is it to Trek to Everest Base Camp?

The Everest Base Camp Trek is a moderate to demanding trek that does not require any technical climbing knowledge or skills. It is basically a long walk up to an elevation of 5,364 meters / 17,599 feet.

Is travel insurance required when trekking to EBC in December?

YES. All year, travel insurance is strongly recommended. It’s a great way to get immediate assistance if you get altitude sickness.

You never know when you’ll run into trouble on your journey. Travel insurance for the Everest Base Camp trek is one of many ways to ensuring a risk-free trip.

Is Everest Base Camp Trek Dangerous?

When compared to climbing Everest, the Everest Base Camp trek is much safer. However, due to its location and high altitude, the Everest Base Camp trek still possesses many risks. This means that the trekkers are still vulnerable to altitude sickness due to insufficient acclimatization.

Do I need to hire a porter if I have a guide?

Yes, you could. Guides and porters are 2 different people serving different roles along the trek. Due to cold, your body loses more energy in the winter. As a result, carrying the entire weight on your shoulders will require more energy.

Allowing a porter to carry your backpack reduces the amount of energy lost while trekking. If you suffer from altitude sickness, having someone carry your load will provide much-needed relief.

Best Alternative Treks during December

1. Everest View Trek

Everest View Trek is a great option for those looking for a short trek in the Everest region. You will visit famous Namche Bazaar and Tengboche monastery.

If you want to avoid the cold winter at Everest Base Camp in December, this could be the perfect trek for you.

2. Everest for Breakfast

The cold weather in December may tempt you to skip the Everest region completely. However, the Everest for breakfast might make you want to think about it. You can avoid trekking in the Everest region while still visiting the Everest Base Camp with the Everest for breakfast.

In a single day, you will travel to and from the Everest region. And it’s all done in a helicopter. Isn’t that great?

3. Gokyo Lake Trek

If you are trekking in the Everest region, you should also consider doing the Gokyo Lake Trek. The clear weather in December will allow for spectacular views of the entire Gokyo valley, including its magical Gokyo lakes. The Gokyo Valley and Renjo La Pass Trek is another wonderful adventure.

4. Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek

If you’re unsure whether you’ll be able to acclimate to the cold of December or the altitude of the Everest region, the Jiri to Everest Base Camp trek will guarantees that you do.

This is a long journey to the Everest Base Camp, with small altitude gains each day. This trek is doable if you have close to three weeks of Nepal holidays.


Trekking to Everest Base Camp in December is possible and truly rewarding too. In the snowy Everest region, you can experience a perfect winter wonderland.

During December, there are very few trekkers at Everest Base Camp. As a result, you won’t have to worry about finding accommodation, food, or services during this time. So, it is also an ideal time for those who prefer a peaceful and silent trail.

However, make sure you have all of the necessary equipment and winter gear for the trek. Moreover, always trek with proper guidance and preparation. For further question or enquiries, please feel free to contact us. It is our pleasure to assist and guide you to the best of our knowledge.

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